Imhollow Abstractcore front

Imhollow — Abstractcore

Genre: Illbient, Soundscape, Drone

Release Date: May 02, 2010

Catalog No: plnr-003

Release Info: The each track consists of drones extracted from elevator shafts and street lamps, roaming of window raisers, rustle of gravel, sound of boiling water; ambient noises are taken from city parks and night Parking lots. Imhollowers spied for acoustic reverbs from subway musicians and maakaing a really massive quest to nearby shopping center where they recorded clicks and crackles of kitchen equipment knobs. Abstractcore is a diary of everyday life.


01. Tresk Drozhzhey
02. Ikra Slov
03. Lazha Kollazha
04. Stebya Tebya
05. Zloi Sloi
06. Bedy Logopeda (feat. Trootootoo)
07. Tarakannaya Drob`
08. Merzli Muslee
09. Loshad-Ludoed
10. Informacionniy Borsch (Slozhniye Shcschee edition)