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Fingerprint — Delusions Of Graindeur

Genre: Downtempo, Dub, Experimental

Release Date: Mar 08, 2014

Catalog No: gc-027

Release Info: We are proud to finally present Fingerprint's debut release. Various styles mixed into one musical journey, especially rich for the granular synthesis, which is the main goal of this wonderful work. This release was originally recorded as part of a master's thesis in music technology with emphasis on composition with granular synthesis. PS Release actually was ready some time ago and was waiting for my part of work and I'm sorry for being late enough here, but happy to see it finally released. Flac version is mixed up and including cue file for splitting - it's the part of conception here, mp3 version already splitted, for simplicity.


1. Delusions of Graindeur
2. Shades of Grain
3. And the Colours Made the Earth Sing
4. Entwined Universes
5. A Brief Glimpse of Eternity