Divided Harmonics Cryptic Moon Egregore frontDivided Harmonics Cryptic Moon Egregore back

Divided Harmonics — Cryptic Moon Egregore

Genre: Downtempo, Psychedelic, Experimental

Release Date: May 16, 2013

Catalog No: gc-026

Release Info: Long awaited full-length album “Cryptic Moon Egregore” is a result of several year-long special trippy sound development expanding the traditional idea of downtempo music. Finalized material represents deep multilayered stuff that was the initial goal since the foundation of the band.


1. Sasha Ri - Nowhere Inside Out (Wrong Mantra Remix)
2. Divided Harmonics - Sudbamuhomora
3. Divided Harmonics - Exorcism
4. Divided Harmonics - Breaking Time
5. Divided Harmonics - Inspiration (Cryptic Moon Edit)
6. Divided Harmonics - Exorcism (Wrong Mantra Remix)


MP3: http://gliese-records.com/catalog/026/gc026_divided_harmonics_-_cryptic_moon_egregore-2013-mp3.zip

FLAC: http://gliese-records.com/catalog/026/gc026_divided_harmonics_-_cryptic_moon_egregore-2013-flac.zip