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Wylhelm — Wakeful Chill

Genre: Psychedelic Chillout

Release Date: Mar 23, 2012

Catalog No: gc-022

Release Info: Wyhelm’s debut album is like a slow but pumping heartbeat that echoes and reverberates with the soul of the universe. Wakeful Chill is bursting with building, pulsing baselines and evocative, haunting melodies. Wylhelm takes you on a deeply psychedelic and emotional but upward journey and Wakeful Chill is transportational, elevational, levitational, transcendental and other-dimensional. Open your ears and explore the dark recesses of Wylhelm’s mind which is lit up with galaxies and infused with the rising and falling breath of a heartbeat……


1. Trip Again
2. Mushi
3. Ecnart
4. Bem Sol
5. Violint
6. The Cells
7. Trip Complete (Re Edited)


MP3: http://gliese-records.com/catalog/022/gc022_wylhelm-wakeful_chill-2012-mp3.zip

FLAC: http://gliese-records.com/catalog/022/gc022_wylhelm-wakeful_chill-2012-flac.zip