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Somnesia — Mystic Moon

Genre: Goa Trance

Release Date: Mar 21, 2012

Catalog No: gc-021

Release Info: Gliese 581C Records is proud to present you the debut album of Somnesia. Mystic Moon will lead you in an amazing odyssey, based on a cinematic atmosphere. In this galactic excursion, Somnesia (Grossel Christophe) takes us into our own subconscious, to discover our soul and the universal truth through nine exciting tracks. This album is a return to organic Goa trance with punchy melodies and hypnotic effects. The floating atmosphere of breaks is like a countdown before to propel us into the depths of space, closest to the unknown. An explosion of acoustic flavor for a spiritual journey.


1. Mystic Sun
2. Encounter
3. Goa Spirit
4. Cosmic Gate
5. Halluminium
6. Nomad's Land (Original Version)
7. Beyond The Sky (Extended Version)
8. Space Liquid
9. Dusk Till Dawn