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Various Artists — Muhomornaya Skazka

Genre: Dark/Forest Psytrance

Release Date: Dec 20, 2011

Catalog No: gc-019

Release Info: It's a real mystery - how humans and mushrooms become a friends. Some of the mushrooms were very special for eating and the Amanita's Tale (Muhomornaya Skazka [rus.]) is another sonic journey guiding you into this mystery and especially into the mystery of the Amanita family and it's shamanic childs. 13th track is the bonus track.


01. Disia - Necrosphere
02. Paranoiac - Aguileando With Tz’ikin
03. Shell Code - Сompletely Сhange
04. Hopax - Mellowfields
05. Hopax - Trollharp
06. Molchun - Read-y-Mad-e
07. Aazazel - Sad Osc
08. StiTch - Sick Parazit
09. Fryquenciezz - 2DiGitaLgRouNd
10. Irrsin - Catastrophic Beauty
11. Irrsin - Mechanic Warrior
12. LaH NaRRaD - Rodger You Suck
13. Hyperwind - Summerdance