MentalImage Dreams Vol.2 frontMentalImage Dreams Vol.2 back

MentalImage — Dreams Vol.2

Genre: Psychedelic Dub, Psychedelic Chillout

Release Date: Dec 28, 2010

Catalog No: gc-010

Release Info: Dream experience continues expanding with new amazing tracks. Deep, twisted and melodic atmospheres creating charming realm waiting for music travellers and dreamers. Dreams are keys to our inner locks, often they are giving important information. They can warn, teach or even heal. Are you a dreamer?.. PS Originally album was mixed. mp3 archieve containing splitted version of release, flac archieve containing complete album mix, including cue file for splitting.


01. Groovy Giant Walking Through His Lands
02. Uninhabited Planet
03. Four Elements
04. Dream Travel To The Other Side Of The Galaxy
05. Jah!
06. Altering Dreams
07. The Dreamer (Part I: Dream Is Destiny)
08. The Dreamer (Part II: Oneironauts)
09. The Dreamer (Part III: Tips & Tricks)
10. The Dreamer (Part IV: Death)