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Various Artists — Inner Gathering

Genre: IDM, Psychedelic Chillout, Psychedelic Dub

Release Date: Dec 25, 2010

Catalog No: gc-008

Release Info: Gliese 581C proudly presents compilation - Inner Gathering, focused on discovering new talents and flavored with some of our older crew sounds. Clear your mind and open your head for another musical journey into divine and tranquil seas of inner space.


01. Algesis - Somewhere Near
02. 8219 - LoveMi
03. Stanislav Egorov - Autumn Leaves
04. Association Of Freedom - Neon Light
05. Any Of My Names - AmbiVALEnt Love
06. He Who Saw The Deep - Play Tennis
07. Hello Mellow - Cavedwellers
08. Globular - The Behemoth
09. Hyperwind - Deep Reflection
10. In Orbit - Divinity
11. Uior - Zen Monks p.1