December 29, 2017

Relaunch is close

Hello people of the Earth.
My upcoming album is 70% complete and when it would be done, label would be working again. It's essential for me to complete this long work at first, before relaunching label.
We are going to start working again in 2018, stay tuned. More info would be soon.

March 19, 2016

Label Reload

Hello people of the Earth.
Long time no see, there were some reasons, but I got to inform all of you earlier and that was my mistake. Thinking about crisis I've met, I've realised that I've taken too much work on myself due to the poor optimisation of working processes and huge amount of ambitious releases in a time line. I understand that solving that all meaning a full reset of all albums and compilations we had here coming to be released, most of them and most of tracks already have been released and that's good. I should apologize for that awful situation and for some broken hopes.
For now - I'm having a big vacation in April and beginning of May and ready to make a new try, create some little manifest for beginners and establish a work of label. Also I've finally got a new sound system for my home studio, so it would provide a better mastering for a future releases.
Love & Light.

April 05, 2014

Supporting Gliese 581C Records

Hello people,
As we promised earlier, we are sharing some payment details to support Gliese 581C and perform some upgrades here.

We aren't supporting it anymore due to our countrie's laws. Anyway - we got no donations there, so we don't care.

Z212044210425 USD
R408978164237 RUR
E132293540437 EUR


Love and light to everyone for making us better and stronger ;)

March 25, 2014

Bioscape – Living Connection (2014) album fix

Hello people.
I've spotted that 2 tracks in Bioscape's last release are used to have wrong renders and have some nearly heard artifacts. I'm sorry for that, both archives were updated already. Here is links for zips with fixed tracks from mp3 and flac releases, to save you from downloading whole album again: MP3 - and FLAC -

March 23, 2014

Upcoming updates and latest news

Hello people of the Earth! 2nd release is out on Gliese 581C in 2014 and much more of them is coming soon and later too. I want to share some news and upcoming improvements on a label for you.
1. I'm going to add Webmoney, Paypal & etc for payments and contributions on a website, for everyone interested in some label upgrades, because all this money going to be used on the label only, for first time (year or few I guess, then we will watch), I'm also going to use this accounts to share some of my money and make contributions too. Improvements we are going to use it for is going below.
2. Website upgrade (coding + maybe additional design work). What we are going to add?
a) Separate partition for promotional mixes from our musicians or from our brave listeners, which we can choose collectively. I think we also can share nice visuals/videos on our music.
b) Also there is going to be partition for future CD releases tree, which are going to be real in this year I hope - because I'm going to register a legal person here and connect it with a label activity to make it official and protected by law.
c) Requirements partition, which are going to contain complete requirements for releasing material on Gliese 581C, including some useful advices for music makers I guess, to focus them on a popular mistakes, which most of newcomers do.
d) Counter, showing how many funds we already have in Gliese 581C treasury - I want to see it clear and opened for all of you.
e) Maybe some fixed credit position at the release info pages like "Written & Produced by; Mastered by, Artwork by, Compiled by.
f) Partition with all info for donations/contributions.
g) Partition with upcoming compilations and releases.
h) Anything else you want, just share your thoughts here.
3. About more deeper promotion and some profit for beer or even food - most of our artists are using bandcamp, so it's ok to give me html file hyperlinked to the bandcamp page containing your release with NYP (name your price) or whatever for your new release, we are going to share on Gliese 581C too. I would include it into release zips and let it be. 2nd part here is about Ektoplazm - till labels are charged for 20 Eur with every release, money may be a) donated, b) refunded, c) used on facebook for promotion of post with your release at the Ektoplazm's FB page. So if you are interested in C - you got to say me this when I would be ready for mastering of your release, and get this 20 Eur, because I won't going to pay it for you. All this section "3" is actual for all releases excluding compilations. If you want to promote compilations you compete through FB, you've got to decide it together with other artists.
4. I'm going to upgrade CC license we are using (by-nc) to (by-nc-sa), adding "ShareAlike (sa) — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original."
5. I still searching for anyone active and having enough free time to share with me leading work on a label and be some kind of vice-head here and be ready to spread a hour or two in a week for a label if it would be needed. I cant offer any serious money here, but can give some cashy bonuses if we would have enough funds rarely. Unique mail and own ftp account with 6Gb share included.
PS Some improves to a new requirements for music you submit - you've got to mix your music normally and adequate. For a first time I can accept bad mixing and can advice you distantly and even mix some stuff for you, but only once for free. Every time you would submit not well mixed tracks after first time (excepting very rare situations) you are going to be charged for some amount of money due to the difficulty of work I should make - I really have a little of time every week to spent it for mistakes, you've got to handle by yourself. Free mastering I always provide is a work too, taking some time, you know.

With all the best,
Pavel Bokov aka Wrong Mantra

May 16, 2013

Online Again

Hello people of the Earth!
We are online again. I had a difficult period in my life - changed few jobs, my love was broken, lost some friends, found new, but I'm happy that people still believe in us and supporting our deal. Another ascetic period of my life finished and I'm happy back to work with music again.
May God bless you all

April 08, 2012

Spring Flow

Hello people of the Earth!
Gliese 581C awaken after winter season and I also got more time for my child, after a twisted period in my life. Enjoy fresh releases and stay tuned for upcoming ones!
New compilations would be announced soon.

December 20, 2011

New domain

Hello people. Our domain has changed, but the old one ( have other owner and still working. It looks to use another hosting, with simply stolen website copy of ours - so I'm strongly recomend you to avoid using old domain untill his hoster would react on my abuse, because it may be unsafe or contain dangerous/infected content.

July 10, 2011

Misterika Festival (23-29 July 2011) - Ukraine - Crimea Mountains & Black Sea - Baydary Valley
From July, 23 till July, 29th, 2011 in Crimea will be the international art musical festival "Misterika". This event will be organized for the fifth time and will unite all those who are not indifferent to the music, ethnics, visual arts and summer vacations. The festival venue will be the big surprise for all fans of the Crimean peninsula, after May, 25th we will present all the details on the site.
The program will be filled with the theatrical and musical performances, master classes on game on ethnic musical instruments, manufacturing of souvenirs, national cuisine. Ethnic fair, educational seminars, lectures, experts, film displays, installation video on natural objects, original design of space by means of thematic installations, excursions across Crimea which acquaint with history and culture of peninsula and many other interesting events.
In support of the festival on the eve of May, 1st, 2011 the ecological project «Green peninsula», devoted to clearing of the garbage and a firm household waste of the unique nature of the Crimean peninsula is organized and spent by forces of organizers, participants and visitors of the festival with support of local authorities, business and public organizations. The work on the organization of continuation of the ecological action on the threshold of the festival on a venue and territories adjoining to it passes successfully. The event has the wide response in the mass media.

July 06, 2011

Tara Putra - Dubland Mountains - REMIX CONTEST!

Check it out:
Marcus said:
"Best and most compatible tracks will be released on my next EP which is (of course) Dub oriented. Please send your tracks to my SoundCloud Dropbox or contact me on any Social Media Sites"
So let it be!