Namaste! Welcome to the Gliese 581C Records - musical space planet, created for people of the Earth and helping them discover all dimensions of Trance, Ambient, Dub and Experimental music. Also our target - promoting various unknown/young/talented musicians releasing their musical vibrations for you in various free web releases including albums, EPs and conceptual compilations in various styles. We are working with CD releases too, making some limited and tasty things from expirienced and talented people.

Feel free to contact with us - we are always looking for interesting people and opened for collaborations.
Booking are also available.


Most of the our releases mastered by Wrong Mantra (Pavel Bokov)
You can ask us for our mastering services, using contact information below.


Join us and get info about various contests on label, fresh releases and etc.
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Myspace (For people still using it ;) )


You can support the label. All donations would be used on a it's needs only:

Z212044210425 USD
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E132293540437 EUR

No Paypal for now.


All questions, ideas and any kind of assistance are welcome. Contact me:
Skype: "wrongmantra"; ICQ: 7239789 ; Email:
You can send your tracks and demos here: