Our Crew

Paul Bokov [Wrong Mantra, Hermit Ruholys]

Paul Bokov [Wrong Mantra, Hermit Ruholys]  Russia, Moscow


One of the Gliese 581C Rec. founders and it's head after Insomnia93's leaving, doing most of the label work alone.
Paul trying himself in music since 2005, also acting as multistyle DJ, planting various seeds of sound in other cities and countries too. Wide musical taste and eternal love to the music giving him endless source of creative ideas, which are often realised in mixing various musical techniques into unusual sonic fusions, oftenly psychedelic.

Maxim Drumov [GoaMech, Open Mind]

Maxim Drumov [GoaMech, Open Mind]  Ukraine, Nikolaev


Was born in Saint-Petersburg and started his musical career in the mid 90s, becoming interested in electronic music. Maxim produced music on Spectrum, Amigo, PC computers with traker programs, influenced by Goa Trance at 1995. Later he bought powerful equipment and producing various music at his home studio. His music is truly full inspiration of the Goa trance, which is rare and most unique around the scene today. It's a mixture of emotions and psychedelic atmosphere wrapped around with positive energies.

 Denis Popov [Disia]

Denis Popov [Disia]  Russia, Moscow


Man of the uncertain vision, paleontologist deep inside, dinosaurophil, secret agent of Nyarlathotep, explorer of psychedelic and idm vibrations. Alchemist of pseudosymphonical vibrations, involved in hard electronic beatlines. People can say his music are evil and depressive - he wouldn't reject it.

Ilya Danilov [StiTch, Paraz1t]

Ilya Danilov [StiTch, Paraz1t]  Russia, Moscow


Ilya making music since 2008, mixing: Darkpsy, Hardcore, Speedcore, Punk Rock, Drum'n'Bass and Experimental styles, working around his own style. His main target - travelling inside human mentality through the music.

Alexander Sosedkin & Ivan Petrenko [Rabitza]

Alexander Sosedkin & Ivan Petrenko [Rabitza]  Russia, Taganrog


Rabitza is a union of 2 independent creative personalities. Musical content of the group is a mix of different styles. Guys have a great experience of taking part in different rock-bands & experiments with live sound, but their development brought them to the reincarnation, and finally - conversion into electronic faith. Aim of the project is self-expression, opening of creative potential.

Nikita Bugaev [Hyperactive Mould]

Nikita Bugaev [Hyperactive Mould]  Russia, Khimki


Nikita was born in Khimki - small town near Moscow. Since 2005 he had involved in musicmaking and mostly prefer Psyсhedelic Dark Trance as his main style. He want to show people his vision of the world, through the dark & experimantal vibrations. Creating his music, Nikita, getting into some kind of trance and hope you would feel it too.

Vladimir Kostylev & Yuri Piskunov [Sport & Music]

Vladimir Kostylev & Yuri Piskunov [Sport & Music]  Ukraine, Donetsk & Kiev


"Sport & Music" - project created at the begining of 2007 in Ukraine, under the name "korrupted". After numerous experiences with techno and ambient music, project released some stuff on russian, ukrainian and european net-labels. In 2008 "Sport & Music" became a participant of a famous ukrainian promogroup - ".versus". Now guys stoped on calm and minimalistic vibes such as: Ambient, Downtempo and IDM.

Michael Shtan'ko [Embosorbic, Mental Reason]

Michael Shtan'ko [Embosorbic, Mental Reason]  Ukraine, Lugansk


Michael - deep and unusual man. His music containing cosmic charge of positive emotions mixed with love - just try it!

Konstantin Tarasov [Yhtiot]

Konstantin Tarasov [Yhtiot]  Russia, Moscow


Moscow Experimental Trance producer/musician. Producing music since 2004. Influences: old goa trance/suomisaundi/freeform psychedelic/funk/disco.

Morison Bennett [Globular]

Morison Bennett [Globular]  United Kingdom, Bristol


Having been initiated into the world of psychedelia with the likes of the Mystery of the Yeti album sometime around mid '05, he began playing around with software to see if he could come up with his own audible hallucinations. Since then his styles have constantly merged and morphed, and are continuing to do so, whilst keeping a steady undertone of trippy dub influences.

Artem Rozanov & Valery thewatt [Imhollow]

Artem Rozanov & Valery thewatt [Imhollow]  Russia, Moscow


RA and thewatt, the members of the duo, started their urban explorations with recording minimalism ?sthetics. The big idea of Imhollow is about creation of conceptual abstract tape music by taking out heterogeneous, unexpected and hypnotic sounds from daily context and mixing them together in a form of short acoustic essays with minimum electronic production.

Sasha Martinsen & Paul Bokov [Divided Harmonics]

Sasha Martinsen & Paul Bokov [Divided Harmonics]  Russia, Moscow


Moscow psy-chill/psy-dub project experimenting with massive and dense psychedelic sound, twisted soundscapes and deep vibrations.

Oleg Ridetsky & Stanislav Korovkin [Etidronic Acid]

Oleg Ridetsky & Stanislav Korovkin [Etidronic Acid]  Russia, Saint Petesburg


Two brothers from Saint Petesburg had been taking a great interest in music since childhood and its experimental part morphed into "Etidronic Acid".

Stanislav Tiptsov [MentalImage, HelixNebula]

Stanislav Tiptsov [MentalImage, HelixNebula]  Russia, Pereslavl-Zalessky


Since childhood Stanislav was intrested in films and music. He is making music nearly 10 years and mostly inspired by Shpongle, Younger Brother, Pigs In Space, Astral Projection, Bjork, downy, Portishead and others.

Marcus Straczkowski [Tara Putra]

Marcus Straczkowski [Tara Putra]  Germany, Nuremberg


The Project starts as a three-headed Psytrance-Liveact launching in the mid-'90s, performing at several german Goa/Psytrance Parties and open airs. Their first single appears in 2001 called "Dua Orang", initiating a view releases on various compilations. In 2005 Spiritual Beings Records released the album "Groom Mountains" produced by Marcus which primary contains Psytrance, but also Tara Putra's first Ambient, Chillout and Dub tracks. The EP "Hidden Sense" pops up in 2010. This displays the projects future development with Psybient and Psydub - Creating space and psychedelic atmospheres in a dubby ambience.

Alexander K. [Hypnotic Mushroom]

Alexander K. [Hypnotic Mushroom]  Russia, Kubinka


Alexander used to have a good skills putting his inner deep into music and you can check it listened his powerful Dark Psytrance.

Valery G. [Any Of My Names]

Valery G. [Any Of My Names]  Russia, Barnaul


Any Of My Names are experimental musician, workin in such styles as IDM, Downtempo, Dubstep, Intelligent, Nu Jazz, Future Jazz and many others, where he could find ideas for his own unusual interpritations. The key of his art are quality working with semantic side and it's versatility and deep. Valery gaining a lot of creativity from the deep surrealistic images, taken from his imagination and sometimes from foreign postmodern literature and cyberpunk, which are close to his spirit.

Mathias Fekjær [Hello Mellow, Mathias Fekjær]

Mathias Fekjær [Hello Mellow, Mathias Fekjær]  Norway, Nøtterøy


Mathias started producing electronic psy/dub/chillout music in 2008 and mostly inspired by: Ott, Shpongle, Solar Fields, Xerxes, Ashtech, Abakus, Third Ear Audio & many more.

Ivan Senkevich [Uior, AAGSF]

Ivan Senkevich [Uior, AAGSF]  Russia, Moscow


Ivan says he is the God. You may not trust him and sometimes he can do the same, but this feeling is familiar to us all, because we are the Same, we are the One, we are the God. Listen to his noise, drone & ambient vibes to feel the God inside yourself.

Nikola Petrovic [Imba, Space Elves]

Nikola Petrovic [Imba, Space Elves]  Serbia, Nis


Nikola is interested in Goa trance music since 2004, when he heard to his first goa trance track named Mahadeva by Astral Projection. After this, he heard other tracks like Miranda's - Steps to the Stars, Triplexus, Green man, Subtropical Forest etc...
Now he is making music himself and also with some friends, digging Goa Trance deeper and deeper...

Anton Gudkov [Snimoknok, Booby Mason, Plerva]

Anton Gudkov [Snimoknok, Booby Mason, Plerva]  Russia, Omsk


Mostly harsh-noise artist, designer & owner of a little label from Siberia. Noncomformist. Interested in: cats, sun, chaos, tapes, vinyl, design, punk-rock, noise, psychedelic, rave. Only in it for the music.

Runar Кristinsson [Unusual Cosmic Process, Psypherik, Optical Report]

Runar Кristinsson [Unusual Cosmic Process, Psypherik, Optical Report]  Ukraine, Nikolaev


Runar Кristinsson began to produce his music in 2006. In 2000 year he started to work as a DJ in Night Club "JOS" in Mykolaiv city under a nickname Armando Valencia. But soon he realized that composing music brings him more pleasure that just being a DJ. He started doing this in 2006. He decided to change his previous nickname for R. Kristinsson. Real name is Armen Akopov. In childhood he was fan of Depeche Mode. This fact impressed and inspired him a lot for producing electronic music. Now Runar works under three projects. The main one is called Unusual Cosmic Process - progressive goatrance project...

Zoltan Wilhelm [Wylhelm]

Zoltan Wilhelm [Wylhelm]  United Kingdom, London


Wilhelm started his musical career at the end of the 90’s and made a long way through various musical vibrations. He was acting as a DJ at the different musical events, also being one of members/founders of the Askarabaskara Crew where he was taking part in setting up parties. At the 2009 he started making music and forming his own style, mostly influenced by techoid and progressive electronic music.

Shahin Babazadeh [Keamia]

Shahin Babazadeh [Keamia]  Canada, North Vancouver, BC


Shahin Babazadeh actually was born in Tehran, Iran and he is now living in
North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Inspired by the outer space and the mysterious side of the world, he constantly uses his imagination to create a never seen before picture in your minds. Each song tells a story of it's own. With the ability to make various types of Electronic Music,
Keamia's Trance is generally constructed of DeepTrance, GoaTrance, Ambient, and Psychedelic sounds. Spiritual, Dreamy, Melodic, and full of emotion. His main target - producing music that will touch your soul.

Stefan Rijken [Sunspot]

Stefan Rijken [Sunspot]  Netherlands, Nijmegen


Over the years Sunspot has made a journey trough various musical landscapes while sculpting his own style. Slowly both electronic and acoustic elements came together and blended in something that was alive. Besides downtempo music there's also love for stronger beats to dance to: some progressive trance is soon to come!

Matts Anvin [In Orbit]

Matts Anvin [In Orbit]  Sweden, Malmoe


Matts came in contact with electronic music in the beginning of the 90´s, and soon got hooked on early trance and later on goa. Started to put together his own creations using a tracker on his Amiga-500, which was done until 98´when he got access to a proper sequencer and hardware-technology. The last couple of years it usually is in the form of melodic psy, goa or chill-out/ambient. Likes to build from layers of melodies and using weird sounds as a rhytmic sound-base. Has the intention to explore space and melancholic states of experience.

Thomas Marseiler [Irrsin , Delicious Insects]

Thomas Marseiler [Irrsin , Delicious Insects]  Austria, Vienna


Tom from the northern part of Italy, fall in love with psychedelic music and is now on a secret mission equipped with ancient alien technologies, trying to find a harmony between comsos and the human body.
"Music is my daily caffeine. I need to wake up, I need to fall asleep."

Chris Shalley [McNally, Danger Bob]

Chris Shalley [McNally, Danger Bob]  Australia, Melbourne


Some where in a jungle under water world hidden in a clam shell lives McNally...
Concocting a sound of a jungle party and wet sandy sludge. Dressed in a banana skin and a pair of bright orange crocs McNally is always up for bringing the wet wiggles to a dance floor.
Being somewhat of a fan of the sunrise timeslot is what has shaped out an hour long, booming bass filled, up and down rollercoaster of the smoothest dub and left field sounds to lick you all over. Having brought up the sun at parties featuring artists like The Mollusk, Opiuo, Sun in Aquarius and Merkaba just to name a few.
Kick of your shoes, light a doob and dance like you would under a sprinkler!

Sasha Martinsen [Sasha Ri]

Sasha Martinsen [Sasha Ri]  Russia, Moscow


Moscow artist with very wide musical background from metal and breakcore to psychedelic trance and acoustic chill-out. Nowadays making calm, hypnotic and trance music. Also is a member of experimental psychill duo Divided Harmonics.

Darran Hall [LaH NaRRaD]

Darran Hall [LaH NaRRaD]  Ireland, Belfast


Darran have been producing music for about 3 years and playing music since he was 13, got into the world of psy from attending parties in Holland and then everywhere else he have been in the world.
His music is a mixture of dark and forest styles with rolling basslines, melodic tripped out synths, fx-ed up samples and a steady 4 to floor kick, creating a mental story with each track.

Andrew Dyche [Bioscape]

Andrew Dyche [Bioscape]  USA, Atlanta


Celebrating nature and finding the balance between it and us. Soundscapes that provide an intimate look at our surroundings. Ambient sounds and dubby bass lines come together to create a symbolistic view of what we see.

Ezequiel Cordoba Peralta [Paranoiac, Phantom Deep]

Ezequiel Cordoba Peralta [Paranoiac, Phantom Deep]  Argentina, Buenos Aires


Ezequiel got involved in music production at the age of 13 Years.
He studied guitar and drums and played with various rock bands and trip-hop projects. He is also ventilates his creativity through other genres of expression, however the common denominators have been electronic circuitry and sequences since 2002.
Stylistically, he seeks to craft tunes that are rich in atmospheric feelings and full of colour empowered by the strength of nocturnal psychedelic trance.

Aporajito Bose [Loopbaba, Aporajito, Aalsilogh, BrainH34dZ]

Aporajito Bose [Loopbaba, Aporajito, Aalsilogh, BrainH34dZ]  India, New Delhi


Apo is from New Delhi, India. He started using FL Studio in 2001 and started composing experimental electronic tunes by 2003. Bassist of his college band, Apo gave up rock and vocal music altogether and started producing bouncy night tunes after hearing psytrance/darkpsy artists like Azax Syndrom, Twisted System, Artifakt, Savage Scream, Derango, Kindzadza, Stranger and Quasar for the first time in 2005. Apo’s style is eclectic, baselines - heavy and groovy, and each track tells a different story.
The lighter EDM side of Apo - experimenting with low and mid- tempo styles like Lounge, Chill/ Psychill, Dub, House, Progressive/Minimal/Techno and Dubstep. Some of Loopbaba’s influences are OTT, Shpongle, Globular, Hallucinogen in Dub, Bluetech, Liquid Stranger, Alpha and Omega and Tara Putra.

Jan Erik Rød [Fingerprint]

Jan Erik Rød [Fingerprint]  Norway, Trondheim


Fingerprint is Jan Erik Rød from Norway. He started making music in the late 90's after discovering the tracker scene, leading him to explore a wide range of electronic music genres. Since around 2000 influences have changed and these days he mainly operates in the dub, chillout and general downtempo end of things.

Vlas Ev. [Acidkit]

Vlas Ev. [Acidkit]  Russia, Moscow


Acidkit - modern psychedic, chillout project since 2006. Main influence: Psychelics community, Chronos (Nik Klimenko), Ocelot (Aaron Peacock), World Psyche, Ancient Phylosophy such as Socrates.
"Music for the music, through mathematics to music".
He likes: Sky & Trees, Fractals :-), wind & ocean, mountains and sun, good books, visionary art, good paintings.

Mazi Moilanen [Static Noise Bird]

Mazi Moilanen [Static Noise Bird]  Finland, Helsinki


Mazi is a young producer from Helsinki, Finland, working with loads of various genres. All the way since 2007, he has been experimenting with tons of styles and elements, so you will never know what he will come up with next.

Boris Levandovsky [Leoboris]

Boris Levandovsky [Leoboris]  Russia, Moscow


Boris is a producer and singer, working in various genres of music, such as: Downtempo, New Age, Neoclassical, Chill Out, Ambient and many others. Mysteries of far and deep space combined with boundless beauty of the nature have always been inspiring factors for him. Search for harmony between oneself and the world around is the main idea in his creative work.

Alon Chen (Metamorphosis)

Alon Chen (Metamorphosis)  Israel, Tel Aviv


From Texas raised a classically trained musician, and currently residing in Israel. Psychill and Psytrance artist since 2004 just doing what he loves most, celebrating this awesome symphony of magic called life. "Dream the impossible Dream".

Josef Slavik [Bre Keke]

Josef Slavik [Bre Keke]  Czech Republic, Nový Bor

As long as Josef could remember, he has been a musician with all his heart and soul. Since early youth, he has been involved as a drum or guitar player in bands of all sorts and has acquired a large amount of experience in a wide range of music. He has met, played and shared experience and inspiration with many amazing artists as well.
His music is a result of all the acquired knowledge and a mirror of the subconscious mind that reflects all the sound he managed to spot throughout his life…